About Me

I got my "gig" name from folks who would ask: "When's that guy Steve going to be playing here again?"  Go figure.

Unlike a lot of other solo musicians around town, I'm a virtual "live band" performing as one musician.  The sound of a full band for the price of just one guy.  No issues between band members, and a small footprint.  I believe my music and sound is perfect for almost any restaurant, bar, or other private or corporate event or party.

My style is well balanced to suit a wide variety of venues with songs that range from soft pop to Motown.  I play lots of Key West style music, oldies, country, lounge-style songs and more.

So about this "big" sound of mine...  How does that work?

It starts out with me and my guitar.  To that I add all the background instruments necessary to fill the void and move the feet.  I produce all of the background tracks myself in my studio using MIDI and high-end software.  The result is what makes me sound different from other solo musicians.  What I do isn't the coffee shop music of a singer-guitar player; It's more like me and the band (the other guys named Steve).

And all of the harmonies are my voice as well. - It's all me (and me, and me, and me...)

Do You Have Questions/Concerns Regarding . . .?

Volume? - I’m a solo performer - there aren’t a half-dozen people & volume settings to manage. I’m in control. I play as soft or as loud as necessary to fit the venue, location, audience and mood.

Professionalism? - I’ve have been doing this a long time, and know how to treat my customers and yours. I arrive early, set up quietly, and I start on time (I know, right???), and take very few (and short) breaks.

Interaction? - I don't just play music; I mingle and connect with your customers. I’m always open for a guest to join me and encourage sit-ins. My goal is to have a good time, and keep guests happy and want to return.

Footprint? - I don’t require much space at all – For me, an 8x8-foot spot is plenty of room and a 6x6-

foot spot is still doable. I can easily fit on a small stage or in a corner, no problem.

Cost? - Very reasonable; only one person to pay - less than a multi-piece band, DJ, or karaoke MC.

Music Style?

Although my main “theme” and style is on the order of “Jimmy Buffett”/Key West, my repertoire spans six decades of popular music from the 50s to current (see The Music I Play).

I understand that I can’t possibly play everything for everyone, but I certainly play quite a lot for just about everybody.