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Happy New Year - 2016 

2015 was a very busy year for That Guy Steve ending with so many Christmas performances at community. corporate and private events. 2016 looks like it will be the same
If you're a fan, just stay tuned and follow That Guy Steve on Twitter and Facebook, or sign up to receive notices of performance dates.
If you're a venue manager or have an event planned for 2016, contact That Guy Steve as soon as possible to reserve a date.
In any case, have a wonderful new year.


In case you haven't noticed, That Guy Steve has been missing from the performance scene for the last few weeks on September.  He was busy getting ready for the Christmas season working on new songs to perform, playing at private events, and enjoying life.
But starting October 2nd, he's back in action performing Fridays at Benito's as well as at other private events around town.  So keep up with his schedule on this web site and stay connected by signing up to receive notices of when and where he'll be playing next.


More great news for the CR-210 communities: The original owners of Benito's Italian Cafe are back.  The food is wonderful, the drinks are reasonably priced, the bar area has been improved to accommodate lots of friends and the "feel" of community has returned.  And the best part is they have That Guy Steve back on their schedule.

Hurricane Grill & Wings CR-210 

Great news for the communities along CR-210: The Hurricane Grill & Wings (located at 3055 County Road 210) has been undergoing extensive renovations. The newest one in the expansion of their outdoor patio to include a huge cover with side curtains and heat for those occasional cold days/nights.  The interior is set to be expanded significantly over the next few months to include a full bar and lots more dining space.

To help celebrate the opening of the new patio space as well as ringing in the holiday season, That Guy Steve will be playing there live on Saturday, December 20th from noon to 3:00pm.  There will be other surprises that you won't want to miss out on. So take a break from shopping and stop in for lunch, a bucket of beers, and live music to fit this festive occasion with friends and family and meet the new owners of this fine establishment.  

In addition to playing at this celebration event, That Guy Steve has been scheduled to play throughout the next few months.  Be sure to
sign up for notifications as to when he will be playing or just keep checking in here, for his scheduled events. 

Event Planning For 2015 

It's NOT too soon to start scheduling performance dates for 2015.  That Guy Steve gets booked up and the late-comers miss an opportunity so get him on their schedule when they want him.
If you're a venue owner/manager or are planning an event for 2015, consider getting in touch with That Guy Steve as soon as possible to get him on your calendar.

As you can see, this web site is the source of information as to when and where he's scheduled to play and is kept current.  That's good for his fans and for you.

Each and every upcoming event is promoted on Facebook and Twitter giving you further exposure to your customers.
So book now and get the advantage of advertising without the cost while ensuring you'll have him scheduled and confirmed to perform without the risk of non-availability.

New 2014 Play-Dates at Tijuana Flats 

That Guy Steve was contacted at the beginning of September. 2014 with a request to play live every Friday through the end of the year. Since his schedule is quite filled, he won't be able to play there every Friday but all of the open dates are now filled by Tijuana Flats dates.
This is good news for That Guy Steve because he loves playing there and for his fans who also enjoy the venue.  This Tijuana Flats is located in the Bartram Park Shopping Center on Old St. Augustine Rd.
Check out the Schedule for more details and for the exact location.

Busy Weekend Coming Up 

  • Friday 5/2, That Guy Steve will be playing at Hurricane Grill at the Julington Creek Marina. Always a good time there.
  • Saturday 5/3, That Guy Steve will be performing at a private event at an undisclosed location.  But if you know where it is, it means you're invited and he'll see you there.
  • Monday is Cinco de Mayo and what better way to celebrate than at Tijuana Flats. That Guy Steve will be playing there from 5:00 to 8:00.  It expected to be a large crowd, so come early to claim your space.

Benitos - Schedule Change 

There was a recent change in management at Benito's Italian Cafe.  This resulted in an upset so far as their entertainment schedule which unfortunately affects That Guy Steve's schedule.
Bottom line:That Guy Steve will not be playing their every Friday as originally scheduled.  But discussions are underway regarding a new schedule with the new management.

Thanks to the folks at Old Guys Rule 

This week That Guy Steve  received the following Email from the folks at Old Guys Rule

Dear Steve, We just heard your Old Guys Rule song and we really liked it. I'm the owner of the brand Old Guys Rule and it sounds like you're a fan. I would like to send you a t- shirt and hat. What size would you wear and where do I send it? 
Thanks for thinking of us and good luck with the music career. 
Don Craig- Owner

Their themed shirts were the inspiration his latest original song "Old Guys Rule".

Please take a moment and check out their merchandise at

2014 Schedule Filling Up 

Looks like 2014 is going to be busy for That Guy Steve.  The schedule is filling up quickly.  Unfortunately, That Guy Steve can't perform everywhere so to avoid schedule conflicts,  don't wait too long to request a booking date for your event or venue.

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