Tropical Vacation

I met this lovely lady down in Jamaica
I knew it would have been a big mistake
If I told her how I felt that day I met her
Instead she told me ‘bout the story we would make.

She turned to me. She said “I’m so glad I found you”
“I can tell that you and I were meant to be”
“And fall in love on a tropical vacation”
OMG! What’s that, that she just said to me?

No time for celebration, ‘cause my tropical vacation
Just turned into a wedding planning cruise.
There really was no other I admitted that I loved her
So I found the tiki bar and sang the blues.

Bikinis and bars, guitars and cigars
With palm trees you just gotta love it
With my new tattoo I’m playing here for you
Pretending that I’m Jimmy Buffett.

There’s a sure sign that she’s just fine
With my tropical island fixation
I’ll cut to the chase there’s a smile on my face
'Cause she’s planning our next big vacation

Oh yeah!! – I’m doing my thing.
I’m livin’ the dream – The other dream that is.

There’s something to be said about playing the hand your dealt;
And I’m all in Baby.

I got my lovely lady, I got my toys, I got my Jack Daniels in my hand and my parrot on my arm.

Oh!!! and about that island paradise? Nice place to visit; but I really wouldn’t want to live there
Like I said… I’m livin’ the dream…